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Whale Watching Tour

By Icecube of Aurora

Tour available from: November, 2024 - January, 2025

Price From
NOK 2300
24 hours Free Cancellation
Direct confirmation
Local tourism
Next available date: 01 Nov 2024

Experience the true essence of whale watching on this thrilling Fjord safari by Icecube of Aurora. Witness a variety of whales, including killer whales (orcas), sperm whales, porpoises and hourglass dolphins! 

Join us for a whale watching tour in Alta Fjord and experience Northern Norway's most majestic creatures up close. A winter tour in Alta Fjord can be a magical experience. Yes, it may be cold, but it might be worth it for a chance to catch sight of whales.

Recently, whales have appeared in Alta Fjord. The whales have migrated further north, allowing us to observe them in our area. The two most common species in Alta Fjord are sperm whales and killer whales (orcas), but there are also good opportunities to see porpoises and hourglass dolphins. You will be amazed by the playful and curious behavior of the youngest whales.


Please note: There is no guarantee we always find whales or if the weather is optimal to spot whales. If we don't see any whales within two hours of the tour the captain can suggest changing the tour to a King Crab Tour if the weather conditions allows it, or we can keep searching for whales. 

  • Set out on a boat ride into the brilliant waters of the Alta Fjord.
  • Watch the mighty sea mammals from a close proximity.
  • Get a chance to see whales, hourglass dolphins, and even porpoises!
  • This tour is available from October to February.
  • This tour has a 4-5 hour durations.

What you can add to the tour:

  • Food and beverage (must specify which food/beverage)
  • Transport 0-10 km round trip (must specify pickup location)
  • Transport 11-20 km round trip (must specify pickup location)
  • Transport 21-40 km round trip (must specify pickup location)
  • Captain
  • Life jacket
  • Warm coveralls
  • A light meal and beverage
  • Snacks, tea, coffee and water is also included

  • Note: Meet up 30 minutes before start time

  • You are eligible to receive a full refund of the booking amount if you cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Additional Information

The tour starts from Fiskerihavna in Alta. You must arrive 30 minutes before departure. At the meeting point, you will be provided with warm boilersuits and life jackets. Once everyone is ready, you will board the boat with the captain.

We prioritize safety and never go on a tour if there is any risk that we cannot guarantee the safety of our guests. We offer flexible options such as rescheduling the tour for the next day, switching to a different experience, or refunding the tour.


Lunch menu
•    Baguette with bacon, scrambled eggs, potato salad and tomato (1,2,3,4,8,9,10) 
•    Baguette with salmon, scrambled eggs, potato salad and cucumber (1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10) 
•    Baguette with marinated chicken, curry salad and Red pepper (1,2,4,8,9) 
•    Baguette with minced taco meat, cheese, corn, Red pepper and tortilla chips (1,3,4,9) 
•    Baguette with roast beef, potato salad and red onion (1,2,3,4,8,9,10) 
•    Baguette with ham and cheese (1,3,4,9) 
•    Small baguette with ham and cheese (1,3) 
•    Horn with ham and cheese (1,3) 

•    White gluten-free baguette with poppy seeds – select filling from the list above.
•    Dark gluten-free baguette – select filling from the list above.

Allergen list: 1=Gluten, 2=Egg, 3=Milk, 4=Soy, 5=Fish, 8=Mustard, 9=Sesame, 10=Celery


Drink menu
•    Coca cola 0,5l
•    Coca cola zero 0,5l
•    Urge 0,5l
•    Pepsi 0,5l
•    Pepsi max 0,5l
•    Fanta 0,5l
•    Fanta exotic 0,5l
•    Sprite 0,5l
•    Iced tea peach 0,5l
•    Iced tea peach w/o sugar 0,5l

Meeting Point

Fiskerihavna, 9515 Alta, Norway
Profile of supplier

Icecube of Aurora

Icecube of Aurora is a local adventure company that offers Arctic sea excursions and adventures in Alta Fjord. We offer the opportunity to experience local bird life, unique sea nature and histories from Alta. 
We take pride in showing you the magnificent beauty of Alta Fjord and its surroundings in a unique and memorable way.