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Entrance ticket to Havlystparken

By Ramme

Tour available from: June - October

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Experience the enchanting Havlystparken a garden located in a serene setting overlooking the fjord. With Ramme, you can book an entry ticket that offers a self-guided tour experience of this unique garden. Discover the blend of Oslo's natural beauty, cultural heritage, and artistic expressions.

Havlystparken is an extraordinary garden that combines natural splendor with cultural and artistic elements, making it a must-visit destination near Oslo. With an entrance ticket by Ramme, guests can embark on a self-guided tour through various themed sections of the park, each offering a unique experience. The garden is meticulously designed to evoke a sense of wonder and contemplation, featuring a mix of natural and cultural gardens, such as Bekkedalen and the Æresportalen.

Gardens here represent civilized nature, where human creativity leaves an indelible mark on the natural landscape. Walking in Havlystparken is not just a stroll through nature, but an exploration of culture, philosophy, architecture, music, and art. The park is designed to have continuous flowering throughout the year, transforming with the seasons from early spring blossoms to the rich colors of autumn.

Wander through the garden's various "realms," and experience the dynamic interplay between different types of gardens. Stroll through the lush greenery of Bekkedalen and the Rhododendron valley. Enjoy the cultural gardens, such as Korshaven and Paleet, showcaing human artistry with trellised apple trees and mini kiwi plants. In the China section, a combination of wild nature and civilized garden spaces, including religiously inspired areas, creates a unique spiritual atmosphere.

The park's botanical diversity is another highlight, featuring many exotic plants not naturally found in Norway. Havlystparken's favorable climate conditions allow these plants to thrive, making it a botanical garden as well as a cultural and natural one. This variety ensures that every visit offers something new, with different areas and plants reaching their peak at different times of the year.

From the Æresportalen's elevated views to the serene paths of the natural gardens, Havlystparken provides a continuous spiritual journey. Encounter Norse and Greek gods, prayer flags, pagodas, and stupas within the Himalayan garden, all contributing to a rich, interconnected experience. Whether you seek a quiet retreat, a cultural adventure, or a botanical exploration, Havlystparken offers an enriching visit that stimulates both body and mind.

  • Enjoy a self-guided tour through the diverse and beautifully designed sections of Havlystparken.
  • Marvel at the breathtaking views of the fjord and the meticulously landscaped gardens.
  • Discover the unique blend of natural and cultural elements, from the Æresportalen to the Rhododendron valley.
  • Experience the continuous bloom of flowers and changing scents from early spring to late autumn.

Special exhibitions and events may be available during your visit.
Touring the garden
All movement within the park is at your own risk; please respect barriers for safety.
Children are welcome but must be accompanied and supervised by adults at all times.
Touching plants, stepping in beds, climbing on statues, trees, and other objects is not allowed.
Strollers must be parked at the entrance, and baby carriers are recommended.
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in Havlystparken.
Food and Drink
Bringing food and drinks is prohibited, and the park is a smoke-free area. Dispose of trash only in bins provided at the entrance and exit.

  • Entrance ticket to Havlystparken
  • Access to all garden sections and themed areas
  • Self-guided tour experience
  • You are eligible to receive a full refund of the booking amount if you cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Additional Information

Timings are:
From 18 May - 
Thursday - Sunday 11:00 - 17:00
From 25 June
Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 - 17:00


Rammeveien 90, 1545 Hvitsten
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Ramme is a unique cultural destination located near Oslo, Norway, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that blend nature, art, and history. At the heart of Ramme lies Havlystparken, an exquisite garden that beautifully marries natural beauty with artistic expression. Ramme also features a variety of attractions, including historical buildings, art installations, and performance spaces, making it a vibrant center for cultural enrichment. With its stunning views of the fjord, Ramme provides a serene and inspiring environment for visitors to explore and enjoy.