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SNØ - Cross-country skiing


Tour available from: June - December

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Embark on a unique cross-country skiing adventure at SNØ, Oslo's premier indoor skiing facility. Experience a thrilling 1km track suspended 20 meters high, suitable for all levels and accommodating both classic and skating styles.

Experience cross-country skiing like never before at SNØ, Oslo's state-of-the-art indoor skiing arena. The track begins on a striking mezzanine, suspended 20 meters above the ground, offering a unique and exhilarating start to your skiing journey. Designed to accommodate both novice skiers and seasoned athletes, the track winds through the facility with gentle gradients, providing a variety of challenges suitable for all skill levels.

The 1-kilometer track, with a width of 5 meters, supports both classic cross-country skiing and skating styles, ensuring a comprehensive Nordic skiing experience. As you glide through the facility, enjoy the meticulously crafted track that includes a total climb of 32 meters, testing your endurance and skill while offering breathtaking aerial views. With an estimated capacity of 200-400 people, SNØ guarantees a lively atmosphere of camaraderie and shared passion for the sport.

  • Exhilarating Start: Begin your skiing adventure on a mezzanine 20 meters above ground.
  • Versatile Track: Enjoy a 1km track designed for both classic and skating styles.
  • Challenging Gradients: Encounter gentle slopes and a total climb of 32 meters, offering both challenge and spectacular views.

Temperature: The facility is maintained between -2 to -4 degrees Celsius. Warm clothing and helmets are advised.

Luxury Amenities: Access to changing rooms with showers is available as an additional service.

Facilities: The SNØpass grants access to the snow zone for one day, including lockers and changing rooms on the 1st floor, as well as warming areas along the track for rest and relaxation. Choose between a weekday pass or a weekend pass.

Access to the snow zone for 1 day with the SNØpass. Access to lockers and changing rooms on the 1st floor is included in the price. Visitors can choose between a weekday pass or a weekend pass. Visitors also get access to warming areas along the track for rest and relaxation.

  • You are eligible to receive a full refund of the booking amount if you cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Additional Information

Opening hours 2024:

Weekends: 06:00-18:00

Weekdays (tuesday-friday, mondays closed) until 23.6: 06:00-20:00


Weekdays (tuesday-friday, mondays closed) between 24.6-1.9 (summer time): 06:00-16:00
Weekdays (mondays-tuesdays) from 1.9 throughout the year: 06:00 - 21:00
Different opening hours:
1.10.24 - 4.10.24 (autumn vacation) - open 06:00 - 18:00
24-25.12.24 (christmas week) - Closed
26.12.24 - 27.12.24 - open 06:00 - 18:00
30.12.24 - closed

Meeting Point

Snøfonna 5, 1470 Lørenskog
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Public transport

Choose public transport when you are travelling to SNØ. You can choose bus or train to Lørenskog station, and walk the 500 metres distance from there to SNØ. Ruter’s travel planner gives you the best option for your travel.
You can easily plan your journey using the Ruter's travel planner
By car

A 15 minutes drive north of Oslo or a 30 minutes drive south of Gardermoen, right next to the E6, you find SNØ. . Follow the signs as you approach Lørenskog.

The primary car park for SNØ is the car park which is next to SNØ. The car park has 360 parking spaces.


The entrance to the car park is in Ødegårds vei. You can also use the parking lot on the north side of Skeidarbygget (Luhrtoppen).

Please follow the on-site parking instructions.