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Kjerag Summer Hike

By Explore Lysefjorden

Tour available from: June - August

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NOK 1915
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Next available date: 24 Jun 2024

Embark on an exhilarating early-morning summer adventure to the renowned Kjerag boulder, nestled in the heart of the majestic Lysefjord. This journey is not just a hike; it's a full immersion into the breathtaking landscapes of Norway, enhanced by the guidance of local experts deeply rooted in the Ryfylke region's natural and cultural tapestry. Your adventure begins with the first light of dawn, as your professional guide picks you up, marking the start of a memorable expedition to the famed Eagle’s Nest trailhead.

Your journey kicks off with a scenic 3-hour drive, offering glimpses of Norway's picturesque landscapes, setting the stage for the day’s adventure. Reaching the Eagle’s Nest trailhead, you embark on a 2.5-hour hike, navigating through challenging yet rewarding terrain. The path, carved and maintained by Nepalese Sherpas, promises a secure yet thrilling experience, leading you through steep climbs, serene valleys, and finally, to the captivating flatlands approaching the Kjerag boulder. As you hike, your guide, a wellspring of local knowledge, enriches your journey with tales of Ryfylke’s natural and cultural history, adding layers of depth to the stunning vistas of Lysebotn village and the Lysefjord.

Reaching the mountain’s plateau, a 1000-meter-high cliff offers you a panoramic spectacle of the 42-kilometer-long Lysefjord. It’s a moment of awe, peace, and triumph, with ample time to savor a packed lunch and, for the daring, to stand atop the Kjerag boulder. The return hike is an equally engaging experience, potentially graced by the sight of base-jumpers daringly leaping off the cliffs, a testament to Norway’s adventurous spirit

  • Start your hike in the tranquility of early morning, reaching the Kjerag boulder before the day’s crowds, allowing you to absorb the unspoiled beauty of the Lysefjord in peaceful contemplation.
  • Benefit from the extensive knowledge and passion of your local guide, turning every step into a story, every view into a lasting memory, and ensuring your hike is not just a physical journey, but a cultural and historical adventure.

Prepare for a physically demanding 6-hour, 12-kilometer hike, with a total ascent of 800 meters. Ensure you have suitable hiking gear, and pack a lunch to enjoy against the backdrop of Lysefjord’s grandeur. Be ready for an adventure that’s not just about reaching the destination, but about embracing each moment, view, and story along the way. The Kjerag hike is a testament to the adventurous spirit, offering not just a trek, but a narrative of nature’s grandeur, cultural richness, and personal triumph.

  • Pick-up / drop-off
  • Transportation
  • Professional guide
  • Use of hiking poles
  • Hot beverage & snack
  • You are eligible to receive a full refund of the booking amount if you cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Additional Information

Suitable for adults who are in very good condition, and have previous hiking experience.

Due to the possibility of rapidly-changing weather conditions, it may be necessary to make changes to scheduled trips. In the event that your trip needs to be rescheduled for another day or cancelled on short notice, you may choose between joining the rescheduled trip or getting a refund. In the event that weather conditions deteriorate during your trip, it may be necessary to turn around on the trail or head back earlier than planned. If this happens, no refunds will be given.

Meeting Point

Kongsgata 32, 4005 Stavanger (outside Thon Hotel Maritim)
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