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Escape Room

By TrollAktiv Hove

Tour available from: June - October

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Ever felt the rush of escaping a trap cabin? Enter TrollPark Hove's Escape Room and challenge your survival instincts against the ticking clock!

Imagine being swept off a skiing trail by a ravaging storm into a remote valley! You finally end up in a cosy cabin to take shelter in, only to discover yourself trapped inside! Thrilling, isn’t it? Get into the survival mode filled with excitement and fun in TrollPark Hove’s Escape Room. Located close to Hove Camp Centre, this escape puzzle is famous for giving an enthralling challenge to those who’re looking for a unique experience.

Once you reach TrollPark Hove’s indoor activity arena, you will find the cabin-like room for this challenge. After the participants enter this escape puzzle, the room gets locked, and the riddles inside get activated. The room is designed to give the feeling of enjoyment and thrill, with its different elements placed strategically to challenge your thoughts. The puzzle has various levels to be unlocked before the door can open and the participants can leave the cabin.

As you try to free yourself from this trap, you experience the adrenaline rush of being chased by a hunter. This game depends on your ability to succeed in escaping the room while saving yourself from the hunter’s attack. The challenge inside the room requires group effort, and thus it will test your individual and collective skills. The group has 60 minutes to save themselves from the hunter and escape the room before the clock stops ticking.

This game is created at a manageable level of difficulty for adults of all ages looking for an experience different from regular physically challenging activities. However, TrollPark Hove has made it with the safety and enjoyment of the gamers in mind and without causing unwanted panic. At any point in time, if any participant feels the need to leave the escape room, they surely can do it even if the challenge hasn’t been completed.

  • Solve the riddles in the escape room to find your way out before you’re caught.
  • Test your intellect to find a way of exiting the room before the countdown ends.
  • This Escape Room game by TrollPark Hove is available for groups of 2-6 participants.

Participants can book this game from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on any day. It is best played in a group of family or friends.

  • 60 minutes of escapade in a well-designed and challenging puzzle
  • Experienced staff to guide all participants before and during the activity
  • You are eligible to receive a full refund of the booking amount if you cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

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Hoveveien 100, 4818 Færvik, Norway
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TrollAktiv Hove